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martes, 5 de octubre de 2010

Toño Garcia: Spy journalist

Se encuentra mi hermano currando a destajo por Escocia. Lo han fichado para el The Herald y le hacen una especie de entrevista en el Evening Times. Está én la redacción de deportes y se encarga de gran parte de la información del fútbol internacional, sobre todo de la Liga y del Calcio, claro está. Ahora y con motivo del próximo partido entre Escocia y España del martes 12 clasificatorio para la Euro 2012 ha cogido un papel protagonista.

Os dejo con la noticia. Las frases que le destacan no tienen desperdicio, sobre todo en la última: "Ambas aficiones (escocesa y española) se parecen en que adoran beber (emborracharse), adoran la fiesta (la juerga) y adoran el futbol."


He was supposed to give us the inside scoop on how to defeat world champions Spain – but our super spy just told us what we already knew.

Antonio Garcia is a Spanish radio and TV sports journalist who has spent the last year in Glasgow, improving his English and keeping an eye on Scottish football.

And when he joined the Evening Times sports team last month, he was quickly recruited as a potential secret weapon against his homeland.

But unfortunately all the 24-year-old can advise Craig Levein’s men to do is “defend like you’ve never defended before.”

Antonio will work with our sports reporters, and those at our sister paper, The Herald, up until the Euro 2012 qualifying clash at Hampden on Tuesday, October 12. But while he’s developed a fondness for the Scottish game, he doesn’t hold any secrets to how they might beat Spain.

Or if he does, he’s not telling.

Antonio said: “Before the Spanish squad was announced, I was very confident that Spain would get an easy win.

“But Xavi and Fabregas are injured and haven’t been selected so that will maybe give Scotland a chance.

“Xavi is like the brain of our team. He makes things happen.

“Scotland must defend hard and perform at their very best.

“If they open up too much, Spain will find the gaps because our play is so fast.

“At the World Cup we showed everyone that we love to pass the ball.

“No matter how many passes it takes, we continue to pass until we find the gap and score.

“Scotland won’t make it easy for us, but I predict a 2-1 win for Spain.”

He admits the average Spanish football fan knows very little about the Scottish game, apart from the great Old Firm rivalry and the exploits of Manchester United’s Scots midfielder Darren Fletcher.

He has brushed up on his knowledge of the game here by attending games at Ibrox and Parkhead, including an Old Firm derby last season.

And he has some concerns that the Tartan Army might put his side off their rhythm by making more noise than the countless vuvuzelas they encountered at the World Cup in South Africa this year.

“The football at the Old Firm game was not as fast and as exciting as I’m used to watching in Spain, but the atmosphere was amazing,” he said.

“I met Craig Levein when he announ-ced the Scot-land squad and I asked him how much of a role the Scotland fans will play in the game against Spain.

“He said they will make a lot of noise as usual and that will put pressure on Spain.”

Antonio hails from Zaragoza and supports his local team, Real Zaragoza.

He chose Scotland to brush up on his English after a friend told him: “If you learn English in Scotland, you’ll understand any accent in the world.”

“I thought my English was not bad when I came here,” he said.

“But the people here speak so fast and with such a strong accent that I was totally lost at first.

“But the people are very friendly and when they realise I’m struggling to understand, they slow down to help me without making me feel stupid.

“I was here in Glasgow during the World Cup, but I went home to watch the final with friends and family.

“It was amazing. People were crying and cheering and partying.

“I will never forget it.”

Antonio works for national Punto Radio and La General TV back home, and twice a week he updates Punto listeners on the latest Scottish football news.

Many of his listeners back home will be planning a trip to Glasgow for the match on October 12, and Antonio is certain that the Tartan Army and Spain’s own travelling army will get on great – whatever happens on the pitch.

He said: “The fans will get on very well with each other.

“Both Scottish and Spanish fans love to drink, love to party and love football.”

He’s got that right. Let’s just hope he’s wrong in his prediction of a win for the world champions

Aquí aparece en un video, haciendo un reportaje.


El viernes nos contará algo en el programa.

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